YOHO Toyota 4Runner Bed Platform 5th Gen SUV - Camping Overlanding Comfort

YOHO Toyota 4Runner Bed Platform 5th Gen SUV - Camping Overlanding Comfort

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4Runner Sleeping Platform By YOHO

Sleep in the comfort inside the Toyota 4Runner with the YOHO! Car camping & overlanding at its best!

ROCK SOLID full size bed frame fits snugly in the back of your 5th generation 4Runner. Possibly fits 4th Gen 4Runners, see below to find out if it fits your vehicle. 

Made in North America!

Sets up in minutes, strong, lightweight and easily fits two adults. Car camping made easy!

  • Fits Double/Full size Mattress or sleeping pad (54" wide!). Can fit 1 or 2 people.
  • Use sleeping bags or Double/Full size bedding sheets and blankets
  • For solo camping, only use one half section of the bed slats and load the other half with gear
  • Enter/Exit from either the passenger doors or back hatchback
  • Side door locks and storage still accessible
  • Constructed out of sturdy wood with quick release and setup hardware
  • Philips screw diver is all you need to assemble and it only takes a few minutes
  • Perfect for camping and overlanding adventures

  • Rear bed frame to floor - 11-3/4"
  • Rear bed frame to hatch lip 20-1/2"
  • Rear bed to tall headliner section 24"

You supply your own Ikea bed-slats and center brace and you will be ready for adventure!


Needed to complete this package is the Ikea Skorva center beam ($20) and Luroy Full/Double bed slats ($50)

We incorporated the folded rear seat cushions into the design for a few reasons

  1. To keep the height of the bed as low as possible for easier entry and exit
  2. No need to remove the rear seat cushions
  3. The folded seat cushions becomes part of the bed structure and full size length

Solid minimalist designs means it's simple to take down, pack, carry and setup, no cumbersome legs to setup.

Quick cinch nylon straps and front latch ring hold bed from from moving, even under extreme heavy loads! 

COMING SOON! Going into production next week!

Drop in drawer system that fits under our YOHO bed platform!

30" deep double drawer system with a few options for drawers. 60" double drawer expansion will be available.

It locks in using the forward facing tie-down loops behind the rear seat.

This can be left in the vehicle when using the rear seats.

It has heavy duty drawer slides, lockable slam latches, working drawer covers for mean prep etc..
Stay Tuned!

We're going to post the pricing and available options next week

Side bed rails are cantilevered over the wheel-wells and rear seat latch - SOLID!

Will It Fit My Toyota 4Runner?

There are a few versions for the rear area in 5th Gen 4Runners, especially the Limited and 7 seat versions.

If your 4th or 5th Gen 4Runner rear hatch and seat latch looks like the below image, you are in business and this product will fit. Below is a 5th Gen TRD Off Road/TRD Pro 4Runner model. 

Fifth Generation

Gen5 4Runners models started in 2009 and run through 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 with different trim levels. SR5, TRD Off Road (AKA Trail Edition), Limited and the TRD Pro.

Fourth Generation

Gen4 models are from 2002 through to 2009.

Camp and Overland in style this summer with the YOHO Toyota 4Runner Bed Platform!

This package comes with complete bed frame to accept the Ikea Skorva center beam ($20) and Luroy Full/Double bed slats ($50), installed quick detaching hardware, rear locking nylon straps and front and rear slat locking blocks. All hardware is pre-installed, so no messing around!

*ATTENTION! You will need the below 2 Ikea parts

  • 1 Skorva center beam approx. $20
  • 1 set of Luroy Full/Double bed slats. approx $50 (set includes both halves) 

4Runner, mattress, sleeping bags and pillows etc. not included. 

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.