Beaver Craft S14 Wood Carving Tools Kit Wood Carving Set Wood Carving Hook

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  • ✅ BRAND NEW SPOON CARVING KIT! You get a wood carving kit and can start carving Spoons, Kuksas, Bowls, Cups, Scoops. All that you need is in one wood carving tool set. Enjoy easy woodcarving with wood carving tools for beginner and professional carvers. With the spoon carving tools, you’ll get a spoon knife+a whittling knife+a long-bent gouge. It’s the best wood carving starter kit for comfortable carving tools woodworking. Imagine what lovely kuksa or cute & tiny spoon you can carve!
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC HANDLES & RAZOR SHARP BLADES. The wood spoon carving tools kiwere created especially for woodworking. You can whittle wood with the wood carving set for many hours without feeling fatigue. The handles of the spoon carving set knives are made of Oak and covered with linseed oil which allows you to enjoy woodcarving for a long time. Feel the satisfaction of creating your spoon with the carving tools. Spoon carving is a beautiful art & art needs you to have great wood carving knives set
  • ✅ FRIENDLY CUSTOMER CARE. Buying the wood carving knife spoon, you get not only the spoon carving tools set, but much more, you’re getting friendly support in your exciting woodcarving journey. You can always contact our customer service with any question you have and we’ll be happy to help you out. Manufacturing our hand carving tools, we know exactly what should the carving kit consist of. We know how important is to have a reliable wood carving tools set and you won’t be disappointed!
  • ✅ PERFECT GIFT IDEA FOR ANY OCCASION. The wood-carving kit is a great gift idea for both beginner and professional. Imagine how your friends or relatives will enjoy your wood carving knife set & you’ll be happy seeing their wonderful woodcarving projects. Using the carving set any woodcarver can feel that creating something new with hands is exciting work. But make sure to get them aware of wood carving tools being Razor Sharp so the great gift would not turn into stitches at the ambulance.
  • ✅ PURE JOY OR MONEY BACK. Since we manufacture our craft wood carving tools ourselves, we are absolutely confident in the quality of the wood chisel carving set. If you’re not satisfied with the carving knives set, just let us know and we’ll refund your money back. We know that the quality of the hand carving kit is very important. That’s why the beginner carving set is made of durable carbon steel as well as pre-sharpened and allows you to cut soft and hardwood.

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Details: The Wood Carving Tools Set includes:   ⭐The Best Quality Whittling Knife with the total length – 7.87″ and blade length – 3.15″, designed for delicate cuts on finish process of the carving projects   ⭐Ergonomic Handle Spoon Knife with the rounding diameter – 1.18″ and blade width – 0.70″, designed for wood spoon carving, hook knife wood carving, carving bowl, cup, kuksa   ⭐Durable Long-Bent Gouge with the total length – 11.22″ and blade length – 5.12″, designed specifically for cutting a recess in a spoon   Either you're a beginner or professional please use the wood carving tools carefully because the blades are Razor-Sharp right out of the box!   Make sure to put on the gloves! The spoon carving tools work well for both beginners and professional carvers, Beaver whittling carving kit deals great with hardwood as well as softwood   The beauty of spoon depends not only on your skills but it also requires you to have a wood chisel carving set. You can do kuksas, spoons, cups, bowls with the Beaver Spoon Carving Tools Set   WHITTLE AWAY with BeaverCraft! You will get FREE eBooks "5 Easy steps to make hook knife" and "How to make your knife razor sharp", "How to prevent the knife from the rust" mailed to you after wood carving kit purchase for you to take care of the whittling tools!   100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with the knife carving set, we will refund your money back   So, what are you waiting for?   Buy it Now! Click the orange button "Add to Cart" and start your journey to the world of wood carving with the comfortable spoon carving kit!

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches